24 May 2012

Another "happy" and "productive" day...

It quite sucks when you work on something for several hours and you think you are actually going to get something done, only to find out that it did not work. It also sucks when someone asks you to do them a favour and you accept, in spite of your overly busy life and then they start bossing you around and telling you how very immediately they need it. And then you go home from work and you are so on edge, that you have to work really hard not to either cry or ventilate your boiling aggressivity on someone innocent. Then you come home, slam the door really hard and have a cookie. Yum!

In case you were wondering what this is, the Slovak name of these cookies is Venčeky (the Czech is Věnečky). They are really nice and you can even get them in the UK by ordering them at this website along with other yummy Czech and Slovak foods.

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