10 June 2012

Baking cookies once again

A. got me a great book of English recipes and they did work well... in England! I tried it out here in Prague and it turns out the flour is different, the fat is different, the baking powder is totally different... So the first time I made them, I felt like running ang hiding them somewhere far away...

Today, the desire for something sweet ( and also the necessity of buying some regular food) has chased us out of our flat into the rain to a nearby supermarket. I was more careful with my choices this time and the cookies, even though definitely not like those proper English ones, are crunchy on the top and soft inside (good amount of baking powder), not too sweet (correct amount of sugar, we will not get too fat) and taste slightly of chocolate (totally WRONG amount of chocolate bits, as we do like chocolate here!!!!) Well, it certainly is better than the last time, but I cannot help the feeling that I am reducing the worth of English cuisine by my attempts... England, I am very deeply sorry and I mean it.

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