19 June 2012

Love for snail mail brought back to life

A friend saw me yesterday, sitting on a bench trying to write postcards to my friends and as we got talking, she told me about a really nice website called postcrossing - it is a site where, after registration - you can send postcard to a randomly generated user. The system picks a person for you, then you get to see their profile and address and you are supposed to send them a postcard. Some people tell you their favourites, some like natural cards, some like art, some historical monuments, some panoramatic. When you do so, your address will be available for others and someone will send a card to you. So it is not a usual postcard exchange, but you get random cards from all over the world depending how many you send.

I used to love writing as a child and I remember sending an advert into an Italian magayine that I wanted a pen friend and I got over sixty replies from different (sometimes very interesting) kids, sending me letters and postcards and little presents from the place where they lived. I still have my old pen friends in Slovakia, England and Croatia, but they are all busy with their jobs and uni and life in general and we all rarely have the time to write, because there is so much going on.

This is something fresh, new and exciting, so I'm definitely doing it! I decided to send one and a few moments later I decided for another one. I noticed that it is potentially addictive and that's why I set myself a limit of two cards each month -  this time one with Charles Bridge will go to Germany and the one wil pelicans will travel all the way to Russia.
And I can't wait for the day when I open my postbox and a beautiful postcard from some wonderful corner of the world will fall out on me.


  1. That's a neat idea, thanks for sharing that site! it's always excited to get something in the mail other than bills :)

  2. I love it, but if I really got into it, I would spend way too much money on it, so I had to set myself a limit :)
    What I love about it the most is how random it is. And also that you do not know someone is sending you a card until it arrives. What a surprise! :)


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