21 June 2012

The "Oh no!" cookies

Once again I degraded cookies to experimental objects and recipes to (lalala) rough guidelines. There is a bakery not far from my university where they sell the most delicious little cookies that seem to be made mostly of lots of different seeds and a bit of dough, just enough to stick it all together.
So I decided to have a go at them and make my own. They turned out very seedy (which was, of course the point!!), quite far from delicious (although I still do believe that because of the seeds they are rather healthy, so I force myself to eat them) and some of them are a bit burned. I wonder how many tried it takes to make me finally quit baking altogether!
I took them to work, thinking that ten-hour shifts with only one lunch break will be enough to make me nibble on and consume them eventually, but no. They are quite hard to bite and then very chewy once you have them in your mouth, the weirdest combination ever. And the taste is nothing special either.
However! Melt a bunch of chocolate on the top of them and the situation is saved! :-D Or get the people you want to eat them really drunk and they will not even notice. It also helps when these things are the only food in the house, so it is "eat them or die of hunger" situation.

Well, there are lots of open packs of seeds left in my cooking drawer, so I plan to use them in another try on these "lovely delicacies" someday soon. Or maybe I will, you know, just feed all of them to the birds or something.


  1. Well at least you tried! I can't bake to save my life, don't feel bad!

  2. I can bake something... But when it comes to experimenting with recipes, it almost never turns out good. Apart from my roommate, I did not fare to give them to try to anyone else. And the roommate wasnt impressed, but she bravely ate one whole biscuit. Hero of the day!! :)


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