19 June 2012

One has to know how to rest

Dinner for tonight
I have about a million things to do at the same time -writing my thesis, working on my other thesis, reading, planning fieldwork, going to work, studying for my big final exam, studying for my second big and for my third big final exam....And then there are the basic chores that one has to do around the flat - shopping, cooking, tidying up, washing-up... And when I sit down and do one of those things, I immediately have a bad feeling about not doing all the other ones. So there is a constant feeling of frustration and being behind the schedule all the time, even though there is work that is getting done. I mentioned it to my supervisor today and he said:"Well, you need to know how to rest." And so to demonstrate how capable of resting I am and how very good I am at it, I decided to take the afternoon off and just cook, blog, maybe make something nice and probably bake later on. Delicious light summer dinner is finished in the kitchen and I am at home in my summer dress, bare feet on the cool floor, with an open window, looking at my plants and listening to the sounds of birds and everyday life from the outside. Summer laziness at last :)

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