11 August 2012

Abnormal shopping

Looking at the shoppping that I have done today – crickets to feed the praying mantises, stapler and embroidery thread and postcards for the Postcrossing exchange – I realize that it is not the most usual shopping to do. I always used to think I might actually be an interesting person, but now I guess I am simply weird. I enjoy being weird though, even though my Mum sighs occassionally: "Other girls keep buying clothes and handbags..." Well...


  1. Sounds like my kind of shopping! Today I went home with a printer, a loaf of bread, batteries, twine, cherry tomatoes, and envelopes. Then other days its panties and makeup. Variety is the spice of life!

  2. Panties sound awesome!! I nearle carried some home too. And pyjamas shorts, but thankfully they did not have my size. I am a person with strong will (sometimes) and decided to buy the necessary things only. Among which, of course, crickets are crucial.


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