13 August 2012


Years and years ago, when I was just starting to make knotted bracelets, one of our relatives told me that I am good at combining colours. However, I often slip into stereotype and only work with my favourite ones – which is exactly why my shop is full of pink and orange and blue and green bracelets and I keep doing the same thing over and over again. And sometimes a custom order for a specific colour combination comes in or someone suggests colours to me and it brings lots of new ideas! So I decided I need someone else's point of view, got my boyfriend and my embroidery thread into the same room, told him to try to combine colours for some bracelets and locked the doors :))) (That is only a joke – of course he did it with great pleasure and joy:-b ).

I know some say that men cannot combine colours, but he did quite well, don’t you think?? Even though he did go quite shade in shade, but I am surprised that he even used such a "homo" colour as pink in his choices.


  1. He did a great job! Nice combos!

  2. It was fun choosing colour combinations - I look forward to seeing the finished articles! :)

  3. Aaaeeehm :) It might take some time :-S You know how slow I am in some things... *sigh*

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