06 August 2012

Please help me name this spider

I am convinced that being arachnophobic is not a very good quality for someone who will soon have an invertebrate zoology degree and when I noticed this one in the corner above my litte wardrobe this morning, I was determined to fight my weakness and keep it there instead of tidying it out of the window into the garden.
So now I have a pet spider, which I intend to watch and handle from time to time to stop being afraid of this (surely wonderful) group of animals. However, as it is a pet spider, it needs a name. The gender is unknown and therefore does not matter, so I am asking you all for any ideas about what this little one should be called. Have you got any nice names for him/her? It does not have to be English at all!


  1. How about "Frieda" since you are trying to "free" yourself of the fear of spiders. I'm your newest follower from Blogging Buddies. I would love a "follow-back" if you get a chance: godsgrowinggarden.com

  2. "Charlie" - after Charles Bridge in Prague! :)

  3. The deal is off, people - the spider mysteriously disappeared - I dod NOTHING to it, I swear!! However, there seems to be some monster living under my sofa... There are signs - huge spiderweb tunnel, but so far investigations did not prove the presence of an eight-legged inhabitant. However, I just KNOW it is there.


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