01 September 2012

Evening stars brightened up the mood

It’s been raining here for the last two days and whenever it doesn’t rain, the weather is cold and dark. My room, oriented to the west, is dark most of the time and the other ones aren’t much better. The only thing this weather encourages, I find, is sleepiness and hopelessness and even though studying went quite well, I felt like I needed a break. So I took a bath, made myself dinner and then beaded all the way through Red Riding Hood and Shrek I. I usually have creative outbursts when they are least welcome and necessary (exam periods) and I always find it amazing what a mind tired of studying can come up with.

Today I didn’t even need to think, the colours and shapes were all coming to me on their own, I was only putting them together. I went for a completely different style this time, using lots of colours and beads of different shapes and sizes, but similar colours and I can say I am more than pleased with the result.But I packed the beads into a box now and hid them away from me, so that I get some “proper” work done tomorrow. I know why I left the rest in England. Nine hundred miles away and I still can’t stop thinking about them!!!

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