04 September 2012


Not much, no. I am not clearly aware of any amount of sanity left in my head at this precise moment, staring into my notes and papers all day having conversations with my leaf insect trying hard not to go checking on whether she already laid another egg since nine minutes ago. There's nothing evilishly terrible about these days, just the constant annoyance of "having to" do things and keeping going when I'd rather sit in the field outside the city just two streets away with sun on my face and wind in my hair. The place is messy, food is running out, tea is the thing that keeps me going and my desk has changed into a nearly permanent motivational beading area, which might ensure that my shop will be full of Christmas stuff at the end of the month, but not so that I pass my exams. I am also thinking of  "professional beader" as my fall-back-on carreer. However, all may be well and |fingers crossed| all exams may be passed before 20th September. WISH ME LUCK!
Awesome amount of crazy creativity hit me last night and this was the result.

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  1. Try to stay sane huh? Tea, and walks by a local lake can help a lot with this. Oh - and making new crafty things....! ;)


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