19 November 2012

So we went to see the "Breaking Dawn - part 2" today...

It was the first cinema date with my man ( and we've been together for over a year now! ). My man not only agreed to that ( he didn't read the book nor has he ever seen any of the Twilight saga movies or read the books - obviously!), but also managed not to fall asleep during the film (it was probably too loud). I did trick him a bit though – first I got him to agree to buying the tickets – he even used his card to pay – and only then I told him all the details from the previous three and half books. That's when he started to look scared. And to be honest, when he ran off to the loo just before the start, I thought I might find him as I will be leaving, sitting on a sofa with some food, claiming to be lost and unable to find his way back from the toilet.

The film itself was quite good, Rob Pattinson was wearing less of the white powder on his face and I have a slight feeling that his ( and her too!! ) acting has improved slightly since the "New Moon"(which is the last film of the saga that I saw), but I still pulled A's sleeve saying "He's wearing lipstic, he's wearing lipstick!" Of course, they had to add a little imaginary battle scene to make movie less of a total boredom for the male part of the audience that was involuntarily pulled in by their girlfriends (and I wonder how many of those guys will demand to get the money back from their girls or at least force them to buy them a beer to level out the incredible emotional harm they suffered and make up for the nearly two hours of wasted time).

As for us, we even shared a little romantic moment by the end of it (me and my man, not me and Edward!), but after we got out, I made the terrible mistake of asking him what he thought of it. Right afterwards, he made a terrible mistake of saying it was „too much fantasy stuff put together that couldn’t happen in real life” – it was about vampires, it was about freakin‘ VAMPIRES !!!! So I’m sorry, so deeply sorry that it wasn’t as realistic as Spiderman, Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings, because apparently all of those things are as close to our everyday reality as you can get. But mulled wine made up for that emotional harm and we got home safely, happily and thanks to my low tolerance for alcohol also in kind of a blur. 

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  1. Hmmmm...! The remark about it all being a bit far-fetched was meant to be humorous!! :D (Although, I was definitely under the impression that "Lord Of The Rings" was a documentary for life in New Zealand...!!)

    To the chaps out there who are resisting their girls requests to go see the last "Twilight" film - go see it with her. It was actually pretty good! (After the first 40 minutes or so which made no sense to me as I'd not seen ANY of the previous films...!)

    I can't WAIT to take you to part one of "The Hobbit" next year.....!! :D


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