03 November 2012

Something like school

(or what it takes to become a youth camp organizer - lesson number one)

In the middle of September, I have passed all of my uni final exams. That meant no more lectures or exams for me, just finishig my work and writing and defending my thesis. I always knew that I will miss going to lectures and hearing about new interesting stuff (mind you – hearing, not actually learning or studying it), writing notes, and nerding around asking the super clever lecturing people lots of totally out-of-the-way questions adnd giving them stupid smiles and admiring looks, but if you told me that it will only take me twenty-two days to enrol to a course of night classes, I would have told you "Hahaha, very funny, no way, I am not crazy, I am going to enjoy my time off for now." But apparently - crazy I am, because ...

I happened to go round to my old dorm, there was a notice board, I wanted a cinema programme and there was this leaflet and one thing let to another and now it seems like I am going to attend a course to become a qualified organizer of events for children and youth...
I have never been to a youth camp myself, so I couldn’t wait, it would be fun and I’d get to meet some new people. I thought it couldn’t be more cool. It couldn’t.
So then on Tuesday I got there, lost and late as always. First, they let us fill in a very silly form, then divided us into groups of three and sent us out into the streets. Within the first hour of the course, I had a whole leg bandaged and had to hop around the street directly adjacent to the Wenceslas square (the very heart of Prague and of course at the time when everybody leaves work and the streets are packed with people), I had to hold a tray while my teammate demonstrated her cooking skills on a bread roll and jam to a guy dressed like cook in the corner of the street that smelled of urine, I cheated in a game where we had to make a tower out of wooden cubes using just three bamboo sticks and as I was the tallest and thinest of the three of us, it was also my privilege to climb through a children’s playing tunnel that was looked after a man dressed in a wetsuit and mask and snorchel standing next to an empty fountain (but that I did not mind because I do like guys in wetsuits). So – this is probably what a youth camp looks like and what I will be able to organize by the end of April. Oh – my – goodness !!!
Also one thing strikes me – while we were doing this, nobody looked at us even slightly weirdly. As if people were used to  seeing this kind of a thing regularly. I blame it all on the UK blokes coming round to have their stag nights dressed as idiots, getting drunk in the pink sweatpants showing their bum cleavages.


  1. Oh, I did!! It started a bit weird, because we had no idea what to expect, but then it was good :D


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