15 January 2013

Dreaming about Gardens . . .

My Etsy treasury called Gardening Dreams
I really like gardening and it is no secret that having a garden (preferably attached to a house that I own as well) and growing my own food is one of the biggest dreams that I have. When I was a kid, me and my brother each had a little piece of ground at our Hungarian Grandparents's cottage where we grew whatever we liked - we had peas, corn, a few tomato plants and beans. Our Czech/Slovak Grandparents let us grow stuff too. My brother even grew wheat for his hamsters (he had quite a few of them in succession). Daily, I think about what could be done and what could be grown and how it could be used. Fruits and vegetables for us, sunflowers for the birds, lettuce for the snails. Sowing, planting, working hard and then sitting back in the shade of the trees with a nice drink in hand,  watching nature perform its little big miracles as everything grows, turning the rain and the soil into wonderful plants and completely changing the look of the place around you.
So as a part of daydreaming, I created this treasury on Etsy (link to it is under the pictrue).

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