17 January 2013

New Prices on Friendship Bracelets

I can proudly announce that all of my friendship bracelets are back in my Etsy shop, newly priced and still with free shipping (until 20th February).

Example of a pattern that I created myself
There has been a lot  said about the art of pricing and the forums are full of experienced "experts" giving pricing advice to us all, but I think it takes a lot of time to develop a pricing system that would be efficient. For the last six years, I priced my items as I thought fit at the moment of listing, but now I finally developed a system (or at least I hope so!!)
Friendship bracelet made of thin threads

Friendship bracelet in which eight pieces of variegated
embroidery thread have been used


I have priced my bracelets according to these criteria:
  • number of threads used - the more threads, the wider the bracelet is and it takes more time to finish
  • thickness of thread - each of the threads that I use is made up from six thin pieces. I usually use them as they come, but there are a few bracelets that are made of halved threads. thinner thread means more knots, which means more time has to be spent on one bracelet
  • variegated threads - these are more expensive than one-coloured threads, therefore depending on the length used, the price goes up
  • pattern - logically, simple patterns are finished sooner than the more difficult ones. I have divided the patterns that I use into five categories, each priced differently.
  • origin of the pattern - I designed some of my own patterns, very few so far, but as they are my very own ideas, I charged a bit extra for them.
  • listing and renewing fees - I currently have two shops. The main one is English and is on Etsy.com, the other one is Czech on Fler.cz. These two websites have very different conditions for selling goods - Etsy charges for listing, Fler does not, but they take more money from you when you sell something. So the prices are set to give me the same profit and the fees are added to the price, therefore they might differ from each other slightly. 


  1. I love the close up shots of the bracelets. You can really see the design. Very lovely.

  2. Hello and thank you :)
    I like to take macro photos just because you can see the knots nicely.And you can also kind of see which was it was woven.
    I started making a new design last night, so there should be more posts about bracelets soon!! Thank you for stoppind by!

  3. Nice design i like it friendship bracelets

    thank you for shearing!


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