20 January 2013

Stars are back!!

Friendship bracelets have come back into my shop a few days ago - now it's time for Christmas decorations! Some prices have changed, some have not.

I like making beaded decorations, because they are finished quite quicky. Making one star takes one hour at most, while friendship bracelets can take three or four times that much, depending on the pattern. At the moment, I am doing many things, results of which will be seen in a few months' time and that is not very motivating. Therefore, I am happy to do something that produces almost immediate and touchable results. And it also reminds me that knot to knot, bead to bead, I can get everything done in baby steps.

To see all of my decorations, visit the Christmas section of my Etsy shop.
And remember, shipping is for free until 20th February! : )


  1. These stars are lovely!
    I'm stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

  2. I love those beaded decorations, so beautiful! I remember when I was little my grandmother made those, and she'd have a tree full of handmade ornaments. A few got passed on to me, and they mean so much!


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