17 February 2013

Obsession of the week - Tunisian crochet

Compared to the lousy way the last weekend and the beginning of the week happened, this weekend is rather relaxing. I am trying to work, but not excessively, and I have fully given myself to meeting friends, drinking tea, reading, knotting a bracelet with slug pattern (coming soon) and mostly, my newest obsession: Tunisian crochet (also called Afghan crochet).

I happen to have three long hooks for Tunisian crochet already - I remember buying the two of them with my Mum in a sale in Tesco when I was a kid and using them for ordinary crochet since then, and I got the third one from my Grandmother who used it the same way. I learned about Tunisian crochet some years ago, but did not start exploring it until now.

As soon as I started getting better at it, I bought a jolly-looking cotton yarn and decided to have a nice and relaxing Saturday night. I am really enjoying how the colours mix together. In classic crochet, they stay together, however in Tunisian the rows kind of overlap, so the final effect looks completely different, especially with variegated yarns.

It is incredibly relaxing, quite easy to learn and creates a pattern similar to weaving on the top side and another pattern very similar to knitting on the bottom. It is very pretty and yet not very common, whoever I tell about it, looks surprised. The long hooks are easily found in all sorts of shops, but so far I haven't found a flexible Tunisian crochet hook with a long bendy extension that can hold many more loop of yarn and can be used for crocheting very wide items, like blankets. However, there are many available on Etsy, so maybe one day... : )

So far, I have created one giant coaster. I haven't got much use for such things, but I hope to learn to make something more useful. If you have any ideas, I will be happy to hear them. So far, I have thought about blankets and scarves.

Most of what I know, I know from this single video. I didn't even listen to the sound, only watched it. It shows the basic Tunisian crochet stitch in a very nice way.


  1. I had heard of this but never tried it. It does look pretty easy in the video. I like your coaster!

  2. It really IS that easy :) And slightly addictive :))))

  3. looks nice and easy...and I have a few of those hooks, but didn't know what to do with them.


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