01 February 2013

The Shop that Makes Me Bead Angels

I planned to have a completely innocent working afternoon at home, however, the evil bead shop stepped in the way. Selfishly, it lured me to its shopping window while I was going home from the bank and to pull me in, it displayed the most wonderful little beaded angels in the window.
My crystal clear beaded angel
They were so cute, so small and so after-Christmasy that I started looking at them, trying to figure out and remember how to make them. So then, the only thing I needed was the bid bead for the head. I only had little money (thank goodness!), but it was enough to buy a bag of twelve head-beads. And then I spent one episode of Gilmore Girls wiring the beads together. I am very pleased with myself, even though the ones in the shop had arms as well as wings - something to work on - but I think I already know what will everyone get with their Christmas card in ten months :)

For those interested, the evil bead shop is called Starbeads and is situated in the centre of Prague, in Národní 25 (see the map here), not very far away from the Vltava river, Charles Bridge, restaurant Slavia and many other nice and touristic things - a very nice walk, especially in summer ;-) (I might walk around crafty shops one day and write a big post about them)

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