Favourite Nature Documentaries (with links)

On this site, you can see some of my favourite nature documentaries. Most of them are from Youtube and the description contains a direct link to watch a full documentary for free). I am a fan of invertebrates and marine life in general, but from time to time something related to gardening or freediving might appear here as well.
So whether you are a teacher and would like to show your class some bits and pieces of wildlife videos as a part of your class or are just a nature fan and want to watch something cool on a free afternoon, help yourself and choose from my favourites. I will keep adding more films as I go through them and I will be happy if you leave a comment abou what else I could add or how you liked my choices.
Have a good day and remember to act responsibly towards nature.

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Creatures of the Deep Ocean 

(watch the documentary here)

Here you can see how diverse and interesting the life in deep seas is and how it is being researched. Even today, little is known about creatures of the deep and many long-lived species are fished out and destroyed before anything is known about their biology. The documentary also shows an interesting underwater footage of a drag-net being used on the seafloor (approx. 34m30s).

Kings of Camouflage

(watch the documentary here)

An entire documentary dedicated to cuttlefish! They are molluscs capable of wonderful colour and shape change of their skin, belonging to the same phylum as snails, slugs or bivalves, which most people would hardly consider self-aware or intelligent, yet the series of experiments you will see proves how clever they really are. The secrets of their amazing skin, stunning colour changes, unusual eyes and brain are uncovered and explained and even a few known poisonous species are introduced.


Secrets of the Sun

(watch the documentary here)

I watched this documentary to prepare for a science class that I was about to teach at school. Basic high school knowledge of principles of chemistry, electricity and magnetism is enough to understand this well put documentary. The documentary covers the structure of the Sun, the processes that go on in it and on its surface and the danger that solar storms represent for our electricity-dependent society. A great thing to watch with high school science students.

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