30 October 2009

Bead Holiday!!!

October 28th is a bank holiday here in Czech Republic, so I decided to use my day off for some crafting and beadmaking. I have bought a few new packs of FIMO polymer clay and spent a great afternoon having fun with it, although I must admit that I didn't make many beads, but I think that I might have learnt something new - and there is still a long long way to go to improve my technique - but the first listing is already on Etsy and many more should come before Christmas :0)

27 October 2009

Striped bracelets from Silly :)

I have recently added a few new bracelets which I made during my university exam period. The pattern is very easy to learn, all you need is some embroidery thread- a few threads that go under and the one which will go on the top-and this needs to be very long (I use 8m long thread and it seems to be sufficient for a 10 threads wide bracelet).Then all you do is make knots with the long thread and when you come to the end of the bracelet, you simply turn it over and start a new row as usually. Because of its simplicity, I used to knot these while studying - you don't need to concentrate on the pattern too much. Its very simple and the pattern created will be the same on both sides. I used vriegated threads, which created the lovely stripes.
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