31 July 2010

Morning bracelet featured in a treasury

A blue and white striped bracelet that I listed this morning has surprisingly made it to one of the treasuries on Etsy.com ! It was created by sunshineartdesign and its is called "Striped all day". Many other striped items are featured too. Thank you very much!

24 July 2010


Finally, it is here! From this hour on, sillylittlesheep is offering a free shipping to all destinations. No matter how many items you purchase and were in the world you live, the shipping fee is 0.00 in all currencies! ♥

22 July 2010

What I learnt from custom order

Some time ago, I received a convo on Etsy, asking me if I could make a bracelet with letters on it. The girl who wanted it was a U2 fan and wanted to have a bracelet with the name of the band on it. I was very busy with finishing my degree at that time, so I suggested some other sellers she might want to ask. However, to my great surprise, she came back a few weeks later asking me if I am not busy any more and if I could make it. Being on holiday and having nothing better to do, I started making a bracelet that she requested, realizing not only that knotting writings is not as difficult as I have originally thought but also that I really enoyed the process of making it. Moreover, she seemed very happy with it too, so I couldn't be more satisfied.

Now my head is overflowing with ideas for this new style of bracelets - letters, numbers and even pictures can be created using this technique of weaving and I can't wait to start making all of those. I even bought special squared notebook for drawing my ideas. This way a simple custom order made me learn something new, something that I would have never wanted to learn by myself. Thank you!

12 July 2010

A weekend for taking pictures

I spent this weekend at our family cottage in the east of Slovakia with my parents. Because the weather was hot and sunny, I took my bracelets and my old digital camera with me and made 146 pictures of new items, ready to be listed in my Etsy shop. Today, I am continuing by sorting out and editing (cutting, cropping) my pictures and I have already listed one new bracelet and plan to list twice a day this week, if it is possible.

( these bracelets are photographed and ready to be listed in SillyLittleSheep's Etsy shop during the following week )

08 July 2010

The OIL SPILL - how we all can help

Living in a flat without television means that I am often completely out of touch with the world causes. Now I am on holiday at my parents place and I have just watched CNN's Eco Solutions dedicated to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Immediately, just like Lisa Simpson in one of The Simpsons episode, I started imagining myself helping there, washing all those animals and helping the environment which really needs help right now. However, not only I cannot travel there, I also have no money of my own to donate. Luckily, I found out (through a link given at the end of Eco Solutions) that there are several ways how you can help even if you cannot get to the Gulf of Mexico in person.

Also, the NWF (national Wildlife Federation) has created several banners which you can embed into your blogs and websites to attract the attention of people who actually can donate, because they have money, but wouldn't be searching for the ways to do it themselves. These banners are eye-catching and redirect you right to the website, where you can choose how you want to help.
There is also a campaign going on to spread the word via social networks on the Internet - and that's something that EACH ONE OF US can do! On this site you can find the aforementioned banners.

06 July 2010

The knotting therapy

The last month of the academic year was sort of rough for me - a lot of stress about defending my thesis, passing exams and interview to be able to continue in my studies etc. And now, when everything is over, I cannot help it but feel depressed. I must admit that I really was going totally out of control in the past few weeks, which meant that not only I have suffered, but also the closest people around me who had to deal with me and tried to talk me out of it every single day.
Now I am at my parents place in Slovakia again, having a little break, being taken care of and cooked to and also knotting like crazy! Even during exams I discovered that making bracelets helps my mood - playing with colours, while I can clear the bad stuff from my mind and create something pretty. And not only that, but also the possibility of selling it one day to earn money, which makes me feel like I'm actually doing something. Also it is an easy thing to do, I was concentrating on the easier patterns, so it cannot happen that I would get it wrong and get even more sad about how useless I am. So making bracelets is now both useful and practical :-}
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