06 August 2010

The new evening reading tradition

Having moved to a new place I realized that I have way too many books that I have bought, but never really got to reading them - from Penguin classics that I bought in the UK four years ago to new books which caught my attention in a bookstore and books that I planned to read for lectures, but I only started and didn't finish. So I thought it would be a good thing to set up a tradition of reading a book every night before I go to sleep. That gives me something to think of right before I fal asleep and also makes me feel like the money that I spent on books wasn't entirely wasted.

I also carry a book in my backpack wherever I go and read it while travelling by tram or the underground - I spend at least 20 minutes in public transport every day and by reading, the time is spent more effectively. So my transformation into well-educated superintelligent nerdy individual has begun! And when I read all of my books, I will go to my parents and bring another bunch of unread sad books that are waiting on a shelf!

01 August 2010

Flea market in Prague

This Saturday (31st July),there was a flea market in Naměstí míru in Prague. It is a square with church in the middle and from early morning the area in front of the church was covered with shops selling all sorts of different stuff – vintage, clothing, accessories, jewelry, kitchen supplies, toys, lavender sachets and second hand and handmade goods – and owned by all sorts of people.

Many of them only had things on the floor, but the collection of things was very wide. It was the first time that I came across an event like this in Prague (thanks to being a member of "Creative Prague" group on Facebook). If I had more items, I would seriously consider making my own display and joining in (well, maybe next year!).
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