21 November 2010

Bath and Beauty / Kitchen items

The first of my bathroom items is here! This is a crocheted washcloth made of 100% cotton yarn. It is great for washing body and face, remowing make-up with, cleaning the dishes of wiping surfaces. I have much more in stock, so I will be taking photos regularly and listing and listing. Little facial scrubbies are on their way too!

Recycled tags

A few months ago, my mum brought a few very big envelopes from work and I decided to turn them into "100% cotton" tags for my bathroom cotton items that I am going to make for my Etsy shop. It was very easy - I cut them in halves and printed the text on them, then cut the rectangular tags out and punched a hole for the string to go through. Although it is not visible from the photos, there is a little fish-shaped hole punched on the further end of a tag.

These are the finished tags on my newest product - facial scrubbies or make-up removal pads. There will certainly be more of them in differnet colours accompanyied by crocheted washcloths.

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