26 October 2010

The fall

Usually when I think about the fall, I imagine the cold and dark mornings, unpleasant rain and wind and sleepy weather that makes you want to stay in bed all day,curled up in blankets with a cup of hot tea and some biscuits. Luckily, being a student and having quite a lot of things to read (which can be comfortably donw in bed) I can afford it, but I am also thankful to have some duties which I cannot miss out and which prevent me from turning into a complete sofa potato (in this case a bed potato). And on the other side, when the sky clears up a bit and the wind stops, fall turns out to be a very nice and colourful season. This picture was taken week during a walk along the Vltava riverbank.

24 October 2010

Summer 2010 flashbacks

In spite of promising myself that I will blog more, I have posted nothing about my summer holidays so far. However, now that the weather is dark and cold and everything is so lazy, sleepy and depressing, I think it’s the right time for a few flashbacks:)
To be honest, I think this has been one of the best summers of my life, probably because I have finished a university degree and could go and enjoy my summer with a clear head, for the first time after three years. After visiting my parents for almost three weeks, I went to an amazing boat trip around Sardinia and Corsica for a week. We had a great time on a sea, only partially disturbed by little vertigos and occassional sea-sickness, but the freediving and snorchelling was perfect and being on a boat was more enjoyable that I have originally thought.
Pictures from the boat trip around Sardinia and Corsica

After I came back to Prague, I quickly unpacked, washed the clothes and repacked them for another trip, this time to Croatian island Brač, where I have already been twice on a marine biology field trip with my university supervisors. This was mostly boring, because it was incredibly hot and I didn’t have anything enjoyable to do. By the end of the trip a big storm came and brought cooler weather, but also cooled down the water in the sea, so I spent most of the time out of it.
a few photos from Croatia
All these wonderful things seem to be so far away now, the weather is dull and cold, the overall atmosphere is sad compared to what I just wrote about and I keep dreaming about the ocean and visiting new places... Well, I think it is time I started saving up for summer 2011!
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