08 November 2015

Nasturtium Joy

English garden does not offer much joy in autumn, it is dark, wet and cold. However, one thing that makes me really happy on a daily basis are my nasturtium plants. Even now, in November, they are flowering and producing seeds. I am collecting them as they fall off the plant and letting them dry to make sure that we can grow some nasturtiums next year as well. It is the first time I have grown Nasturtium, but oh, what joy!

07 November 2015

Meeting Tortoises

African spurred tortoises grazing outside are not exactly a typical sight in England at the end of October. However, when you go to Clandon park, that is exactly what you might get to see :) Whilst visiting the Clandon Park reptile centre and admiring their bearded dragons and snakes and Horsfield's tortoises I almost did not notice these great animals grazing outside. I could spend hours just watching them eat and walk and eat and walk. Tortoises are one of the most amazing animals on this Earth.

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