13 May 2010

Inspired by Nature - Lavender

For the last two years, I have been going on holiday to a Croatian island called Brač. Living in a camp, with a sea and marine life only a few minutes walk away and beautiful white dusty paths on the other side of the camp, it has become a wonderful place for me to relax and explore. Although the landscape seems to be dry and inhospitable, there is a lot of life going on - insects, spiders and reptiles are the creatures you can come across most often and their colours and shapes are often very impressive. We found a little lavender meadow nearby, with rocky walls and olive trees growing around it, which inspired me to make this bracelet. The violet flowers of lavender look outstanding on the dry-looking green-greyish backround and I think that making my bracelets inspired by nature is a good way to show how much I actually adore it.

Here is the link to the etsy listing of this bracelet: http://www.etsy.com/listing/46834394/lavender-coloured-friendship-bracelet

08 May 2010

My "new" table

Studying far away from home brings some unique experiences, such as living in a students' home, with it. Sometimes, as you can see in the picture on the left, the furniture is quite old
and the students who lived here before us have not been really nice to it. This desk has lost the top layer of lacquer, so the wood it is made of was bare and any sort of dirt really got into it... So I told myself I could cover it with something. I had some really good paper from my mother, the sort that cannot get wet, or at least not easily, so I used some of it together with sellotape, spent a little time on it and made the table look more bearable. I know it's got fruits on it and it is a little bit too childish and not very durable, but better than nothing and it will last long enough until I move away (which may be as soon as in a few months' time). I also put som colourful pictures from home and holidays on the notice board together with my handmade calendar and now I have a nice and colourful place to work in :)

Letters . . .

I don’t know how about other people, but I LOVE writing letters... I actually enjoy receiving them more, but to get some, you need to send some . . . so I like writing them as well. Because of writing my final thesis for bachelor’s degree, I haven’t had time or will to keep in touch with my old friends or family, but once it was finished and I had a dorm all for myself, I had a lovely evening of drinking tea, eating muffins and writing letters. I managed to write three, to three different countries and I was so happy about it! I know it’s old-fashioned and slow, but that’s why I like it so much! Now all I have to do is sit and do my own work and wait for the replies :)

02 May 2010

Over 2000 visits!!!

I looked at the counter today and I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Over 2000 visits! WOW! I know I have had this blog for a very long time, but still, it makes me feel like it must really be good when so many people have come to look at it (or maybe I only promote it too much in Etsy forums??). Thank you all for following this blog, I hope it was worth reading. x
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