19 June 2013

Freediving Weekend

Apnea Academy Depth Minicomp took place in Barbora quarry (pictured above) in Czech republic last weekend.
My gear, left to dry after diving.

It was my kind of holiday minibreak after a long time and I was very excited about the whole trip. Eventually, mind was refreshed, friendships renewed, body exercised. Swimsuit swam, fins finned and wetsuit got wet. (And torn. And stuck together again.Thank you, helpful diver, whose name I probably already forgot.)

I did not expect much of myself in terms of diving, but eventually I managed to get into a depth of 35 meters (which is three meters deeper than last year) and I was exceedingly happy with that. Even though I managed to lose the tag on my way up, so I got yellow card (penalties) for that, but the achievement still counts ;-)

Barbora looks idyllic from above and from below the water surface. Water was (un)pleasant 5°C, but it was definitely worth going in!!

Every evening we stayed out by the fire and roasted and barbecued while drinking beer and talking.
The whole trip was incredibly relaxing and it kicked me into doing more physical work on myself, so maybe you will be seeing dive-themed posts more often :)


  1. Oh no - where did you rip your suit this time...?!! :D

    Well done on getting to 35m! That's currently about 20m deeper than I seem to be able to go - and in 5ºc water? You're awesome!!!

    1. It was not really a rip, I think the glue is getting old and letting go. A hole opened at the back of my shoulder, that is why I did not see it :)

  2. You brave lady! That water looks cold brrrrr.....

  3. Thank you, thank you! :) It was cold, but on the surface it felt quite nice. Then down below - green darkness and COLD!! :) But definitely worth it.


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