06 February 2017

Peace and Quiet

My annual voice loss has visited me once again. For a week I tried to fool myself that it is nothing but voice loss because it's winter, because I speak too much... but last Thursday I had to admit I was actually properly ill, phelgm and all.

So I cancelled all my plans and gave in to hot baths, cozy blankets, soothing cups of tea and sweet semi-unconsciousness induced by cough syrup. And silence, only interrupted by occasional coughs and sneezes or boiling of a kettle for another cuppa whilst it rained outside. I was unwell, but I had a glorious weekend of forced inactivity.

Today a different type of silence crept in whilst I try to be as quiet as possible so that I don't wake up the husband - who has caught the bug from me! Life is funny, isn't it? At least it makes us ill at different times so that we can take care of each other. ♥ ❤

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