07 May 2012

Christmas madness in summer - again!

Yes, again! Last summer in August, I couldn't stop myself from making the simple Christmas decorations using transparent glass beads and this year I discovered some colours as well!! :)

A few weeks ago a friend in the UK showed me a star like these that she made some time ago and I was lucky enough to be able to use it as a template for my own stars (and even luckier not to forget it by the time I got back to Prague).

Most interest in crafty things comes when I have LOTS of other things to do - e.g. three final uni exams and a thesis to write. And all my head thinks is "You could go out right now and buy some new beads!" Is this normal? However, in the times when I am working on something that only gets done slowly, it is still nice to sit down with beads for a while and have something small, cute and pretty finished with half an hour and be happy about it.

They are all 4.5-5 cm in diameter and I will list them as soon as I stop renewing the more summer-themed things.

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