26 May 2012

First thing made of felt...

My very first thing from felt was made in England, under a careful supervision of my friend G.F. who showed me how to sew stuffed hearts from felt. This is exactly the one, so far the only felted heart that I made which went as a present to my Mum on the Mother's Day (which, in case you are wondering, we in Slovakia and Czech republic celebrate on the second Sunday of May, along with Bahamas, Croatia, Malaysia, Malta, Switzerland and many other European and non-European countries - see the full list of dates here).

I made a very simple card for it, only punched a hole to pull the ribbon of the heart through and stamped lots of flowers on the front side (with the stamps that I got fot my birthday from A.H. and which I think are awesome) in two different shades of blue and wrote something (I'm afraid too simple and silly) inside. Then posted it to Mum along with a birthday card for my brother (not handmade, as I do not possess the level of "handmade intelligence" necessary to make cards for males yet).

A few days later a message came that said: "All were nice, but mine was the prettiest. Mum" Successssss... :)

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