22 July 2013

One Loud Blackbird

EN: Common blackbird
L: Turdus merula
SK: Drozd čierny
CZ: Kos černý
It's been a while since I took this picture of a blackbird male. I think he was looking for a female, with very loud and whistle-like calls. He would sit down on my windowsill, next to my flowerpots, or on a street lamp in front of my window and sing. It was hard to keep the window open around him : )

I am not a huge fan of birds, but when I take a picture of one, I tend to read about it a little bit and according to biolib.cz , this bird also feeds on Portuguese slugs (Arion lusitanicus), which are very common and invasive in our gardens and gardeners hate them. So - a really helpful gardening bird!! :D

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