29 August 2012

Summer break

So - after a few very very hectic weeks of moving, studying and trying to work on my thesis all at once, after days when I was at home alone everyone else was planning their holidays, shopping for medications (because what if a mosquito bit them on their holiday), arranging insurance (because what if something happened to them on their AWESOME summer holiday) and flying away and sunbathing and snorchelling with seaturtles somewhere in Zakynthos, I kept my mind occupied with very exciting thoughts of crucial life importance such as how hot it is outside, whether that plant has grown since yesterday, that I will need to buy more crickets or how to put cutlery into the washing machine so that it looks pretty while its being washed – after all that I handed the piece of writing in and flew away to (not Zakynthos) good old England, which is incredibly sunny now to see my man and celebrate his big birthday, sit in the garden, have breakfast and tea cooked for me, walk in the rain and freedive at the Wraysbury dive centre (which is not very deep but veeery pretty and they have most awesome burgers and chips there). Yes, that nutter below stirring the sediment and playing with alge is me.


  1. I love snorkeling! The way the lens shot in the left picture makes it look like your in a bubble.

  2. It is a very funny little camera on a stick - I want to get a proper one one day :)

    One of these photos was taken about 1m deep, the other one on the surface so they are nice and light, but down at about eight meters it was getting quite dark. I cant wait to go back :)

  3. Funny how you mention arranging the cutlery in the dishwasher...I do that too!
    Great pictures! Looks like fun! =0)
    from Blogging Buddies

  4. Oh, and I'm a new follower, from Blogging Buddies. =)

  5. Dear Kim, thank you for making a choice to follow my blog, I appreciate it very much. I know that it is not every day we find a blog that we like enough to follow and therefore your interest makes me very happy.
    Have a wonderful day.


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