31 May 2014

Paper Joy

I dug through the waste paper bin that we have at our staff room last week and I couldn't believe my eyes. My wasteful male colleagues have thrown away a great lot of colourful paper. just used pieces, surely, but very nice colours and considering the fact that many times children only use little bits in their art and craft lessons, I thought this could be useful, either to supply them with some paper when they forget to bring their own or to add to the colour range they can use (not to mention there is a whole lot of fun I can have with it, too!!)

And a little bonus - not only I found a lot of lovely paper, but also a paper bag to take it home in and in the bad, there was a forgotten bag of English breakfast tea - my favourite tea! Reusing materials does pay off!! :)

1 comment:

  1. Colours are gorgeous, they make me feel summery. Have fun playing with them. x


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