17 June 2014

The Little Pencil Box

A few weeks back, I borrowed my colleague's pencils without asking and it caused a bit of a friction in the workplace (I should have asked) - so I decided to bring my own set of pencils to work. I don't really know why the idea never occured to me before - I rarely use my pencils at home. As I walked home that day, the rubbish bin for plastic to be recycled presented me with a nice little gift - this perfectly unharmed white plastic box. It was sitting on top of the container, as if someone thought it was too good to be thrown in and someone might like to take it. Well, I did! I washed it in the dishwasher and I have my own little pencil box now. The pencils fit into the box perfectly and the box itself fits into the shelf under my desk wonderfully. It is nice how things sometimes work out :) 

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