07 April 2016

Tasty Looking Crochet

It goes without question that a new baby in the family totally changes the life of his of her parents. It is also quite understandable that they change the lives of all the relatives and friends of the family closest to them. However, I was quite surprised, as an almost-Auntie living a thousand miles away, to see how much my new niece changed my life. When I got the text message about her birth two years ago, I couldn't stop being happy.  I loved her since she was born and there is nothing she can do to make me love her less.

She is the sole reason why I got into making crocheted toys. Many kids have benefited from it since then, but it all started with her, the first weird-shaped, poorly-embroidered attempts at toys are hers. Luckily, I am getting better and better. These are the Christmas presents that she got, along with her brand new IKEA kitchen from her parents. Now she cooks steak and chips in the pretend oven and fries the carrots in her little fake frying pan.

As her birthday approached, I was very busy, but managed to make these pieces of sushi and a kiwi for her. I wasn't there, but I was told that the kiwi was tasted immediately :D


  1. They are so beautiful! What a perfect job you've done with them. I've always loved crocheted food, in fact I think it could be the only thing to induce me to learn the craft haha :-)
    What a lucky niece you have! xx

  2. I have of course turned them to the nicer side for photographing ;) Crochet is nice and relaxing. Start with a dishcloth or a scarf, you will not want to stop :)


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