25 June 2016

Elderflower Season and the Taste of Summer

Summer really is here now. Okay, so it's mild British summer, but it has started! Over the past few weeks, I have encountered several tutorials on how to make your own elderflower, how to fry battered flowers, how to make this and that using elderflower... All I could think of was there aren't any elderflower bushes around!

But then... As I was walking home from town with my shopping bags, I smelled the sweetest smell there is. It took me about 15 seconds to locate the bush (which could not be seen but could be smelled) and in spite of the fact that it was right near the road, I decided that a little cup of fully leaded town centre finest will not kill me. I went home with three massive blossoms, stuck them upside down into a tiny jar with a lot of sugar and lemon juice and here it is!

A couple of days later I enjoyed two glasses of delicious homemade elderflower cordial.

My recipe for elderflower cordial (it's SO easy!):

  • A lot of washed flowers (just to remove the insects and the biggest dirt)
  • A lot of sugar (I use regular white caster sugar)
  • A lot of lemon juice (some people add citric acid but I find it works fine without it as well)

  • Leave stand for about a day, then remove the flowers and sieve the liquid to remove lemon pips and any fallen off flowers.
  • Fill bottles and store in fridge. When drinking, dilute with water to taste.

Cheers! (May contain traces of aphids)

Since I first wrote this, I have located another bush of elderflower near our place and made more cordial. Most of the flowers are gone now, but there are many berries developing, promising another interesting foraging opportunities for later in the year.

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