02 January 2017

Happy New Year! :)

I feel like the year never truly ends in December, even though our new calendar in the kitchen says so. Yes, it is 2017, but life still moves at the sluggish pace of Christmas holidays, at least for me. Everything will be different tomorrow, so I have to write this post today before the business of working days takes over.

I am glad for everything that happened in 2016. There have been moments when I felt completely free and there were times when I felt trapped. There were days when I was happy to be on the right path in my life and then there were some when I questioned whether this is where I want to be. It has brought many scary moments and annoyances but also the absolute joy of being someone's wife and having a whole rest of my life to look forward to things.

I am not setting and resultuions this year. I find that I can never keep them, because life, that funny thing, always gets in the way. Things are going to be changing. My friends are having babies, our niece is growing up way too fast, the flat we live in is being sold. We do not know where we'll end up in 2017, but I am excited about the journey and ready to embrace what will come. I hope you are, too. x

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