13 April 2017

Mothers' Day Gardening

Mothers' day is always a big family gathering over lunch in my husband's family, either somewhere out over a carvery or over a roast lunch at home. This year I wasn't looking forward to eating the meal or the cakes that I made, but I couldn't wait to take my niece Amy (almost three years old) out into the garden.

We built the experience up over a couple of weeks. She knew what she was going to do, she was given a choice of planting flowers or potatoes. She picked potatoes, so I bought two varieties of seed potatoes and out we went with them.

I dug up a hole for each one and she carefully placed a potato into it. At first she was just throwing them but she learned quickly and soon she became very careful. At least some of them were the right way up. After that we said "Bye-bye potatoes, we'll see you later!" and covered them with soil. 

The entire experience took no longer than 20 minutes (I forget how limited attention span youngsters have) but I think it was thoroughly enjoyed by both of us.

A bit more than two weeks later and we have our first sprouts poking above the soil. All the watering and earthing up will be up to me but I look forward to being able to present Amy with her very own home-grown potatoes.

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