23 September 2017

Savoury Saturday Scones (With Recipe)

I love Saturdays. They are the only day of the week that I don't set an alarm (I do tutoring on Sunday mornings, so I have to). I wake up whenever I feel like it (usually at the time when my bus to work would be leaving) and have a nice slow morning. Sometimes I knit and watch telly, sometimes I make a cup of coffee and catch up on emails on blog posts, but whatever it is that I choose to do, it is always non-forced andI do it because I want to, not because I have to.

Today my morning included, apart from doing the dishes and two loads of washing, making savoury strudels and cheese scones for today's  Macmillan Cancer Support Tea Party at my sister-in-law's - a part of "The world's biggest coffee morning" taking place later in the week. Its main purpose is to eat cake, drink coffee and collect money for a charity that heps support people with cancer and their families.

I find making scones incredibly easy. When I first moved to the UK and started working as a teaching assistant (because no school wanted to employ me as a teacher), Food Technology (now called Food and Nutrition) was one of my favourite subjects. Mostly because I got to put on an apron and get on with the cooking hands-on just like the students that I was supporting. I do not remember the teacher's name but I remember how encouraging and calm she was even though the class asn't exactlyideally behaved. It is her recipe that I wrote down have used ever since. Here it is.

  • 150 g of self-raising four
  • 50 g of butter (if you are making savoury scones, you can use salted butter)
  • 50g of sugar or any sweet or savoury ingredient you want to add
  • a couple of spoonfuls of milk
  1. Mix the flour and butter together by hand until crumbly (if you are making sweet version, add sugar now, if savoury, add the savoury ingredients)
  2. Add milk bit by bit and gently mix until the mixture joins together
  3. Flatten by hand and cut out shapes
  4. Bake on approx. 180°C until golden brown
I made mine with the most ordinary hard cheese I could find in the supermarket and grated it on a coarse grater, so the chunks of cheese are quite large and visible in the scones. They are delicious with a bit of butter and fresh chives. Enjoy!


  1. Looks delicious and easy... but self-raising flour is not available in my country, would you say a teaspoon of baking powder and regular flour would do ?

    1. Absolutely. I have done this a couple of times before when I did not have self raising flour. I am not terribly good at determining the amount of baking powder and I find that for example British and Czech baking powder are different, so it might take you a couple of tries, but in my opinion there is nothing wrong with slightly more dense scones :) Good luck!


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