24 December 2009

Merry Christmas to all!!

So, my dear friends, it's Christmas once again. And Christmas always makes me realize, what a great and comfortable home we have. I hope all of you had a great time with your families and the people that you love. I have arrived to Slovakia on December 19th, managed to send out a few Christmas cards to old friends, meet my high-school friends and tonight I had our traditional dinner with my family and we opened our presents. In Slovakia we eat cabbage soup and fish for dinner and open our presents right after we finish eating. Also, I have given myself to a Christian habbit of fasting through the day in order to fully appreciate my mother's wonderfull cooking skills. And the result? Ended up with an overfilled belly sticking out in a preagnancy-like manner because I was too greedy (actually, I was the last one still eating, while my brother was giving me the "GRRrrrr, hurry up 'cos I wanna open my presents already" looks over the table). I will have to work on that during next few years. Also, I'm thinking of improving my eating habbits, but that is a matter of New Year's resolutions and does not belong into this short blog entry. So - Merry Christmas once again, I hope it met your expectations.

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