03 June 2012

Birdie for J. flies to Croatia

My felt obsession continued with a few days and nights which I spent in a "thirty minutes of work and thirty minutes of resting/craft" way, durig which I created a birdie template and made several of these felted stuffed animals to hang somewhere. The first of these is already on its way to a new home to my Croatian friend J. as her birthday present. I really hope she likes it ;-)


I see a lot of people having photographs of their items with wonderful garden and planty backrounds... I do have my beachy rocky backrounds for friendship bracelets, but I thought that birdies would look nice on something live and green. After all, birds belong to the trees...

So I set out on a trip to my uni's botanical garden and tried to place the thing on everything that looked pleasing to the eye. It was horrible! Of course the sun would disappear as soon as I had it all ready, the bird would fall from the tree, the wind would blow so much that the picture was blurry and the "best"of all - the botanical garden being a public space and the time being Saturday afternoon, there was someone walking behind me all the time, which wasn't very encouraging, so I guess I have to try another day, a more hidden place or simply wait until I have a garden of my own to take pictures in.

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