13 June 2012

How do they get out ?

Another story from my day of looking after visitors at the gorilla pavilion at the zoo...
In the afternoon a group of people came in. Most of them were people with some kind of impairment. One came to me and started asking questions about gorillas. Then he asked:
"How do they give birth?"
"Well, how, just like all other animals, they carry the babies in their tummies."
"Yes, I know, but how do they get out."
*A bit of a thoughtful moment for me*
"Well, the lady gorillas have a hole for pee, a hole for poo and between them is another very special one and that is only for babies.And they get out that way."
"Oh, I see," he said with an illuminated facial expression like things finally clicked together for him.
He gave me a big smile, offered me his hand, I shook it (his was sticky) and then he tapped my back as if saying well done and went on. It was very nice.
But phew. I did well. I think it was very educational. Maybe I explained to him what people refused to talk to him about all his life. I only hope I did not cause any problems. And I am glad he did not ask the most obvious question - and how do they get into the tummy ?

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