22 October 2012

The pretty side of autumn

I do like autumn. Even though it brings a lot of unpleasantness and grumpiness and cold, I do like it. It used to be my favourite season once (before I fully discovered summer!!).

The weather has changed rapidly and the nature follows. Big birds like jays, crows and magpies started gathering around in the fields and gardens and the sparrows that nested on our house yell like crazy every morning. Also, I no longer meet the snails and the hedgehog.

The leaves on some trees started colouring into nice shades of orange and red and nuts keep falling from the walnut tree on the way to the bus stop and I like picking them off the ground (but unfortunately I am greatly losing in competition with retired people, dog walkers and homestay mothers and, mostly, the birds!!).

The days are dark and cold, sometimes rainy. Right now the combination of four degrees in the morning, having to work outdoors and long hours is the most unexciting I can imagine and the only things that save me are the seven layers of tops and sweaters and so many layers of tights and socks that I can barely bend my legs to sit down, hot tea at hand and a very warn lunch break. I have already been ill and I really look forward to quitting my job at the end of the month and concentrating on reading, resting and crafting :)


  1. I love Fall! Wishing you all the fun and relaxation of crafting and to feeling better! Crafting always makes me happy!

    Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures :)

    - Jessica from the Doily Duck
    thedoilyduck.blogspot.com ... Please come visit and follow me :)

  2. Crafting is great relaxation and a good way to spend time at home. I make bracelets and things now every night that I come home from work. And now with Christmas coming soon, it also gets very useful :))


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