14 October 2012

Swimming with jellies

There’s a thing that kept me jumping around happily for about three days at the end of September. A friend of mine needed some freshwater jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbii) for her students and I was the one she asked for help! So when A. came to visit me, we got our wetsuits and fins and masks and weights and celebrated the first day of October by having our first Czech dive together in a quarry called Borek. The jellyfish were quite small but abundant, hanging around in the water collumn, some near the surface, some quite deep, floating in the dark waters of the quarry like semi-transparent little ghosts . They were beautiful. It was my first dive with them and I loved it. The day was sunny, it was warm and we got lots of jellies and saw a bucket under water, lots of fish and a very angry crayfish that tried to scare me and I gave it a scare back, but it wouldn’t get scared. I think I don’t do the crayfish sign language right. 

During our way back to Prague by train we met a very loud Floridian lady with her much quieter Floridian husband who told us about this honeybadger video. Apparently ( and now I really feel the need to point out that there are certain scientific inaccuracies there :-b ), they are pretty nasty and bad-ass and they dont't give a.... well, watch it!!! :))))

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