14 February 2013


Happy Valentine's day to everyone who celebrates it! I will, too, however, in a few day's time when my dear is here to keep me company and calm my nerves and so on.

In the meantime, he spends the day by uploading photos to his work website (veeery exciting, because he has just finished rebuilding a grand piano), while the highlight of my day has been a brief meeting with an overly friendly cat (probably because of her toxoplasmosis) that often leaves footsteps in our snowy garden and crocheting more procrastination squares while watching The Big Bang Theory and wishing I was more like Leslie Winkle (Is it disturbing? Is it not disturbing? I guess it isn't. But am I in a state of a mind to judge appropriately?? I really don't know.)

Therefore, I pronounce today an ordinary day and the actual Valentine's day is postponed to next Tuesday and will be celebrated by waking up together and cooking special breakfast and all that stuff. No heart decorations.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day. I checked out his web site. Looks like intricate and interesting work.

  2. He will be happy to hear that, he spends a lot of time on the pianos :)


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