27 February 2013

Brithday Visit to the Greenhouse

One of my special birthday treats last week has been an evening visit to Fata Morgana - a greenhouse of the Prague botanical garden. Every year, the botanical garden organises night-time guided tours through the darkened greenhouse. We booked ours in January.

The tour started at 6 p.m., when it was already dark in the greenhouse and the little frogs that live there were chirping loudly. The only lights were the ones that lit the lanes and the lake and the flashlight of the guide. We saw a lot of interesting things and as A. doesn't speak Czech, I had to translate (and I bow down in front of everyone who has that as a carreer, it was damn hard to listen and talk at the same time), but I noticed that he wasn't the only foreigner there. We saw a lot of plants and got to know much more than when we come in daytime. The whole greenhouse looked and sounded magical, but we were both definitely interested in the pond and the silver arowana fish the most (freedivers' deformation).

Silver arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) in the pond in Fata Morgana greenhouse in Prague.

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