07 September 2013

First Days at School

Last week, I started “going to school”. This time as a teacher, not as a student.
My first realization was that teachers are very nice, informal and LOUD people. No wonder - they are trained to talk loud enough to be heard in a class of thirty kids and after two months of holiday, they  have a lot to say :)
It was very interesting to see the school environment from the “behind the scenes” – getting the class ready,  decorating it, filling in all the paperwork, while everyone is running around and exchanging little bits of information. There is confusion, things need fixing and I swear I never thought that getting ten magnets from the school office can be so difficult!
There are several new and young teachers as myself – I knew that to the kids we will be huge and respectable, but every time I walked into the teachers' room, I felt like I am at high school again and just going to ask my teacher a question or something : )

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