25 September 2013

Getting "Older"

I have a feeling that I became more of an “adult” since I started working. Not in the sense of being calm and responsible and not wasting money etc., but I started doing many things that I would never do when I didn't have a job.

For this past few weeks, I didn't go out on weekedays, because I had work the next day, I didn't have the will to do the washing or cook properly, I have been neglecting all my online activity – Etsy shop, blogging, following other blogs… not to mention writing to my boyfriend or communicating with my family and my email is filling up nicely, even though I cancelled many newsletters.

Worst of all – I often say the lame phrases that our teachers kept telling us and that we hated, like “I know the bell has rung, but I haven't finished the lesson yet”, “we are not leaving the classroom until you pick all the bits of paper from the floor”, “why is this chalk wet?!” and “SHHSH!”. I wonder whether these are general teacher things that new teachers subconsciously say, because they kept hearing it from their teachers when they were still at school or whether I am just generally becoming an old bitch :)
On the plus side – I really like the food at school canteen – and I think THAT change definitely comes with age :)

But I am having a good time, the job is great, the kids are awesome and I consider myself a happy person.

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