05 November 2013


After my lovely autumn break, I woke up to find out that my voice is kind of funny... Over the weekend, it got better and then suddenly I could only whisper. On Monday, I had to be very creative during my lessons, so I brought some signs and my pupils worked individually a lot, so that I didn't have to speak.

I have tried everything - inhaling steam, drinking lots of warm drinks and water, no caffeine, gargling salty water... Nothing really helped. It seemed that this is more than just "new teachers' November vocal crisis". Eventually, because my boss told me so, I went to see a doctor. Result? Vocal chords infection, antibiotics and rest of the week at home.

I really didn't expect this, especially when I always got praised for my strong voice during my teacher's training and those who know me also know that I am very loud and talkative at all times. So now I am at home - making lesson plans, cooking, tidying up and daydreaming about keeping chickens, eating mealworms and other girly stuff ;-)

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