01 December 2013

Autumn in Pictures

It seems like the nice autumn is gone for good this year. Most trees lost their leaves and those that are still left are dull brown, everything is wet and dark, we leave home for work in the dark and we come home in the dark. My inner mammal wants to sit down with a huge cup of tea (or as my man says - a bucket of tea) and crochet something colourful to cheer me up or curl up under a warm fluffy blanket with a good book (Les Miserables at the moment).
However, I am glad that this autumn was so beautiful, as you could already see from my autumn break post. I enjoyed sitting under the tree, marking some tests from biology, drinking tea and walking Jedi. I played with colours this year, too. It was my Dad's 60th birthday at the end of October, so I made him a handmade birthday card with pictures of the leaves from our garden, a little bit of Nils Udo style.

I am thankful for this lovely season, I learned a lot and the time spent outdoors in nature was magical. I am very happy that I can live in the wild, with blackbirds and cats and crows and hares running around our street. And last night, as I walked home from a coffee meeting with a friend, I met a wild friend that I haven't seen for almost a year. He was walking by the pond, too slow and too round for a rat, so I ran down the hill to have a look. The hedgehog was way too scared to walk around with me there, so I snapped a picture and left him to his evening walk.


  1. This is so lovely :) It makes me want to go outside and walk around in nature. That leaf art is also incredible! x

    1. I got leaf art inspired at Stover, when I took art classes :) That was actually the only thing in art classes I could actually do. And yet I still didn't pass :D


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