26 December 2013

Pre-Christmas Snail Feeding and Cleaning

One of my missions during the pre-Christmas cleanup was to clean the snail tank and change the soil in it.

Positioning a 130 l tank in the bath tub is not easy, but I managed to clean it. Mission two - cleaning the bath tub :)
The snails were all asleep, because I forgot to sprinkle them with water for quite some time (pre-Christmas business and other excuses too).

It gave me a change to observe the size of the snils without really disturbing them. Jedi is so huge now - he looks pretty impressive in my hand, even though, I do have tiny hands.

Here are some details of the epiphragm.

The snails woke up and had a meal of fresh lettuce and cucumber. However, most of them snacked on the epiphragms first.

❄ Lettuce or epiphragm?  

❄ Little break in the middle of all that eating 

❄ Last bits - om nom nom - and a curious expression 

May all your snails have enough lettuce and epiphragms to chew on during the Christmas time and all the way through the following year!! x

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